Diamond Wire sawing techniques

What is Diamond Wire Sawing?

This unit has a hydraulic motor to drive the main wheel which pulls the diamond wire steadily along the cut path. The diamond beads cut through the material by utilizing force of friction. It can be used to cut any material from reinforced concrete to titanium. Our operators are trained in reorganizing the changes in hydraulic pressure on power units to make the necessary adjustments whether it’s the drop (wire not cutting) or rise (wire being pushed to its limits).

When to use Wire Sawing?

When confronted with issue of removing many parts in heavily reinforced concrete in limited access areas like bridge decks or removing columns and beams, Diamond wire sawing comes to the rescue. Here speed and depth of the cut is the need.

It uses hydraulic equipment or high cycle electric to cut through heavily reinforced concrete. It can saw through thickest section of any construction material. Our experts use cutting speed of 2sqm per hour and even to cut through 2500mm diameter achieving clean, smooth cut surface without causing any damages.

What is special about this?

  • It can cut any material like concrete, steel, concrete retaining wall.
  • It is mostly used in place where concrete saws cannot be used.
  • It uses series of pulleys to draw the wire through the material to be cut.
  • It has been used in cutting concrete pillars, columns, brickwork, foundations, heavily reinforced rebar, beams.
  • It produces low noise and emissions. Hence, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Key features of Wire Sawing

  • Non-percussive, without fumes and quiet
  • Smooth cut face
  • Unlimited cutting depth
  • Horizontal, vertical and angled cutting of circular openings up to 2500mm diameter
  • Flexible and quick
  • Plunge cutting facility which allows blind and rebated openings to be formed
  • Remote controlled operation for increased safety
  • Cutting rates in excess of 2sqm per hour

Why Choose Us?

  • Specialized team having 12 years experience in Lincoln and Nebraska
  • Advanced wire saw technique in industry
  • High frequency and hydraulic system
  • State of the art diamond wire saw
  • Cost effective

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