What Is Diamond Core Drilling?

The process of cutting circular holes in the concrete surface is called core drilling. The core drilling techniques are mainly used to get the perfect circular cut in concrete. You can easily make the holes with any diameter for electrical, plumbing and HVAC installations by using the core drilling method. If you want to remove the large piece of tubular material, you can use the diamond core drilling which is the best method. The drilling equipment is made with the diamond material, so you can easily cut any materials.

The everyday use of core drilling is to create holes which are needed for placing anchoring bolts, routing cables, installing load carrying devices such as dowel bars or also for analyzing the structures of rock or strata. The core drill can also be used on concrete or various other surfaces. You can easily drill the holes ranges from multiple sizes – 3/8” to the maximum of 60” in diameter and also having tube and shaft extensions.

You can perform the core drill process in many places like on the floor or ground, in a ceiling, on the wall etc. The name of the diamond core drilling denotes the use of diamonds to cut the materials. It is mainly used to cut the cylindrical shape of the concrete. The diamond core drilling It is not just used for circular holes; it is used for many other purposes and also has more benefits when compared to the other drilling methods.

The hollow end of the drill has an industrial strength diamond which is used to cut almost any strength of rock or other material easily. Because of the use of diamond, the drilling process gets more accurate cuttings and also it does not get any damage for prolonged use. Most of the drilling and mining process causes noisy and dusts, but the diamond core drilling will never create such causes.

This drilling method requires only the lightweight and secure equipment, so you can easily take it anywhere even underwater. The process is straightforward and safe; you can also operate from the remote location which provides you to work in various places efficiently. The different types of diamond drill bits are used on multiple kinds of materials. Every drill bit is made for specific purposes, and it can also be modified based on the needs of the project. Because of its lightweight equipment, you can quickly bring at any places, and its remote features help to operate in many regions.

Diamond core drill bits:

The bits drill  are really made with the strong diamonds, so it cannot get any damage or even can’t break after prolonged use. After the mining procedure, the diamond core bits are very important. The teams of specialist analyze the packed drill bits to determine the types of materials found in the exploratory mine shaft.

The number of different materials can be drill by using the diamond core drill. You can get the more accurate result by using the diamond drill bits. It is also used to get the final project looks so good and also cause only the limited dust. Diamond drill bits are used primarily in the exploration drilling which means drill bits hold some amount of materials which can be mined.

The diamond bits have many industrial strength diamonds which is placed in a toughened steel matrix. When the drilling process starts and continuous, then slowly the matrix will wear away and exposing the diamonds. If the project gets completed, the wastes of diamond drill bits are removed from the machinery and packed away in the latest fashion. The drill bits can be packed by using the container called core trays. The core trays have to be washed and measured after use.

Our strength:

We are the best diamond core drilling company, as we provide the safe and more creative holes even from small size as a one-quarter inch up to the 53 inches in diameter for any of the purposes. We can create any holes at any depth, at any angles, at any widths. We can also particular order the diameter bits if you need it for your project.

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