What Is Concrete Cutting ?

At the time of construction and renovation, remodellers and builders need to change the existing or new concrete surfaces for the specific needs of their projects. If this process is not going good means, it leads to many other problems like job sites injuries and project delays. To avoid these issues, you can contact the best concrete cutting experts who will provide the high-quality work, make your place safe and also complete the project within the deadline.

You can contact Diamond Concrete Cutting Inc which is located in Lincoln, Nebraska area which fulfills your all concrete cutting requirements. We are having more than 12 years of experience in this field, and also we are the top in the concrete cutting.

What do you mean by concrete cutting?

The process of controlled drilling, sawing and the removal of concrete done by the skilled operators by using diamond impregnated blades is called concrete cutting. The old designed jackhammer method make colossal dust, but the latest concrete cutting gives the attractive look and also does not create any dust because it uses water while drilling. There are lots of concrete cutting are available, but the commonly used are core drilling, wall sawing, and slab or flat sawing.

The age of the concrete is the main factor in the concrete cutting. The old concrete is tough to cut. This process needs special saws and highly skilled operators. So this job requires more precision.

To make the square or rectangle shaped incisions into the slab concrete or wall concrete, the professionals use various types of concrete cutting techniques. If you want to make a smooth opening for multiple applications, you can make the circular cut in concrete which is called core drilling. The different types of methods are used based on the forms. Most of the concrete cutting companies use state-of-the-art diamond cutting technologies to make their work more special and good.


In the construction work, concrete cutting is the common one. Commonly used materials are stone, terracotta, cemented concrete blocks or concrete brick. This method is used in various projects like dams, parking garages, piers and wharves, sewage treatment, nuclear power plants, chemical plants, interstate highways, and bridges. The concrete cutting also performs in a small scale projects like enlarge door, windows and bulkhead openings and also cut trenches for sump pumps, electrical conduit, drains, plumping or other purposes.

Flat Sawing:

Flat sawing is the commonly used method for cutting the horizontal surfaces made by concrete or masonry. It is also called as slap sawing. For this form of the cutting process, the walk-behind machine called as wheeled cart which has large, super-tough blade made up of industrial diamonds fused to a steel central hub used by the operator. The blade slice concrete by various thickness, when the machine is moved forward. The blade is made up of diamond content, so it does not get any damages after ling use. The additional thing is the narrow edge helps to cut the concrete quickly and precisely. It also reduces the dust while cutting concrete or masonry.

Concrete wall sewing:

The process of cutting the concrete wall for doors or windows which are usually 12” thick and sometimes more than 24” thick is called wall sawing. It is done by using a saw to track on the wall to be cut. This process uses enormous 30” or the large diamond blade cut the 12” thick wall from one side. This work needs more skill when compared to the other works; you cannot do this work by the natural abilities. The wall sawing is not only used for cutting the opening in concrete foundations but also used in reducing a foundation elevation, removal of entire foundation and also includes the cutting of concrete retaining walls in whole or some part. This concrete cutting needs more experience and skills to make the perfect cutting and even without making any dust or mess.

There are numerous benefits to the concrete cutting. The jackhammer gives behind a jagged or rough edge, and the concrete saw gives the accurate and predictable line. The latest model saw equipment helps to reduce the dust and also suck up the dust of concrete or masonry around your working place. The concrete saw also helps to cut the masonry or concrete quickly and save your time to complete this process. The concrete cutting process is also used for making opens in the concrete ceiling or cut the concrete walls or slaps, reinforced concrete, masonry or stone.

Electric Sawing:

If the air quality control is used inside the room or building, you cannot use the regular cutting saw. You can use only the electric saw.

Our best services:

The only trained specialist have more practical experience and excellent skills which help to make effective concrete cutting plans. If you have hired the unskilled workers or general contractors for your cutting jobs, you cannot get the perfect finishing and also takes more time to complete the project. We the “Diamond Concrete Cutting Inc,” Lincoln provide you with the well-experienced workers and also use the right equipment for concrete cutting works.

We have more than 12 years of experienced saw operators in our business. We have the best knowledge to access each project, create an effective plan for the required objectives, give the accurate cuts and also maintain the workplace safety. You can get the high-quality works within the deadline of the project and also can complete within the expected budget.

Our full-size saws have the exclusive power to cut the 18-inch thick concrete slaps easily. For indoors, we use only the efficient, electric-driven models which help to avoid the dust and keep your building’s air quality. We use saws driven-gasoline for maximum speeds, but in outdoors. We can use the smaller slap saw called as push saw in the tight indoor or outdoor spaces. We can also manufacture our hand-held saw if needed for the small works.

Concrete Asphalt and concrete repairs:

Long time use of concrete, asphalt and concrete surfaces causes severe damages. The weather condition also causes the damage to the outer surface cement. In some days, it is more enough to replace the material or repair the particular damaged part only. In many times, you can easily avoid the excess loss for total repair process by calling the expert concrete repair services.

You can get the complete concrete, asphalt and cement surfaces repairing services from Diamond Concrete Cutting Inc, Lincoln throughout the region. Our huge experience makes you get the perfect repair option for your specific needs. If you want to repair the uneven or uplifted pavement, we can give the best solution by clearing the rough and damaged surface into the smooth one and also helps to avoid the risk of falling and tripping.

If you find any damage or crack in a driveway, we can easily remove and patch the damaged place or even replace the entire slap. We also do the other repair services like drainage swales and machine bases.

The best concrete cutting company

Diamond Concrete Cutting Inc, Lincoln is made the record by providing the top-quality works, flexible schedules and immediate response in the emergency situations. If you need asphalt or cement repairs, concrete cutting services or concrete, you contact our staff; they will immediately arrive, use the perfect equipment for the job and also provide the high-quality work within your expected budget. We offer the free estimate on your repair project and latest cutting. Don’t miss this golden offer, call our Gardena offices today itself and make your appointment.

Free project estimate

For your concrete cutting works believe the experienced concrete leader. Our professional staffs have more than two decades of experience, and they can handle any concrete cutting projects. We provide the best services not only in the Lincoln area but also the other regions like Nebraska etc.

If you are looking to discuss or know about the requirement of your next project, please call us at 402-239-7087, or you can also mail us at diamondsawing@yahoo.com.
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You can get the free project estimation, so don’t miss it. Call soon. Our satisfied customers are the evidence for our best quality work, immediate response and also have good contact with them.

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